About Us

Beginning in 2017, Wolait main line of products is accessories. Thus, what we have are Apple Watch bands, Apple Watch Case, Fitbit Charge2 Band, Fitbit Charge3 Band, Apple Watch Screen Protector, and so on.

All of these products have been unique styles and quality control is our foremost priority. We only offer products that we’d strictly test with our own smart watches! That makes us confidently say that you can trust our products with blind eyes and they won’t disappoint you in any way. So, whether you want the 38mm /42mm bands for apple watch series3/2/1, the 40mm/44mm bands for Apple Watch Band series 5/4 or Apple Watch Cases, we’ve got just the right products for you. Not only the bands and cases for Apple Watch, but you can also find plenty of different bands for Fitbit Charge2 and Fitbit Charge3. Of course, there are some other accessories products.

You can directly buy these items from our online shop and forget about the hassles of going to the market. We guarantee a timely delivery of the product you buy. Happy buying with us!